YUASA Menswear [ you-wa-sa ]

YUASA is the vision of Michael Yuasa, and started as a response to the lack of well designed men’s leisure wear in the market. Michael grew up in a suburban Japanese-American household which influenced the brands minimal design and values of simplicity and form over excess.

Michael Yuasa

Our mission at YUASA is to create a line of products that will remind people to take it easy and regain a leisurely attitude towards life. YUASA encourages people to take the time to enjoy life and not get swept up by the busyness of the day-to-day. And inspire an excitement and curiosity to see everything the world has to offer.

We released our first products in September 2012 in 6 colors. Utilizing a breathable cotton poplin, we’ve made sure that every boxer is engineered for the perfect fit and feel. Since the initial launch, we have introduced a new color and are working on offering new materials and expanding the line to include new products. YUASA has been shown in New York City, Las Vegas and Paris, and has been featured in Fader, Hello Mr., System Magazine, i-D, and more.

Our Production Process:

Quality is everything within YUASA, we consider ourselves craftsmen, designers and connoisseur of quality. We design with intention and consider quality and craftsmanship within every level of our manufacturing, sales and promotion process. We also actively consider our Northwest and Japanese American heritage when thinking about craftsmanship, this often leads to innovative and refined design inspiration.

How We Source:

We’re hands on with our sourcing and prefer building long-term personal relationships with our factories. We have an appreciation of the craft and often take the time to sit down and enjoy dinner with the ownership and families of the factories we work with.

We make an active effort to source materials which are environmentally sustainable and have as little to zero impact on the environment. We also make an active effort to factor in our vendors labor and workplace practices, wage structure and shipping distance from our distribution in New York City.

We prefer to work with vendors who live in places we like to visit and who’s cultures we see as influences within our design. We source from communities which have specialized and cultural knowledge of manufacturing techniques such as India for embroidery.

Partnerships & Giving Back:

Over the last several years we’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with several great cause based organizations in the city and love supporting whenever we can. We’ve had the opportunity to support Visual AIDS every June with our pride fundraiser and God’s Love We Deliver on occasion.

In addition we often use our shows as a means of expression for artists we like and have had the pleasure of working with Michael Bailey Gates on our Spring Summer 2016 show, photographers Remi Lamande and Andreas Lux.

Message From Michael Yuasa:

I want to thank you for your interest in YUASA Menswear. I personally guarantee all our product. If you have any issues please email us at hello@yuasastudios.com. This email goes directly to my inbox.

All the best.
Michael Yuasa


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